What are your ideas doing right now?

You have an idea.  Maybe a few.  They're good ideas with a lot of potential.  But what are they doing now?  Sitting on the floor playing with office supplies while you work?  Or perhaps fraternizing with that troubled idea who likes to set things on fire?  Your ideas need a safe place to learn and grow and make macaroni necklaces.

We're like a nursery for your ideas

Our workshop is the perfect place for your idea to grow and play.  Fully trained in all leading methods of Idea Care, our staff is committed to guiding and nurturing your idea and never slapping it with a ruler. Whether it's destined to become an animated explainer, a social media campaign or a fireman, your idea will have all the resources it needs to explore its identity.  Also, we have hot lunches.

Here are some of our recent graduates

Or, in other words, a demo-reel. 

But what do we actually do?

Here's our process:


First we'll sit down with you and figure out just what it is you’re looking to say.


Then we’ll go back and find a couple of strong and interesting ways to say it. You can pick the one that’s most in line with your needs and your personality.

Scriptwriting and Revision

We’ll write the script up and send it your way, and if the word “pooper-scooper” doesn’t feel right for your brand, we’ll take it out. Once we've agreed to a script, we'll go ahead and make your product.


This will take us the better part of the process, and we'll be working hard. But you’ll get to blissfully keep doing the things you need to do to keep your organization going strong.


Here's where you tell us if the logo needs to be on the video a couple seconds longer or the music feels too much like a Danny Elfman fever dream. Then we go and fix it. But when we do fix it, it'll definitely be to the 1989 Batman soundtrack that's constantly playing in our heads.


We’ll give you the final product and wipe a tear of pride as it toddles out the door.


concept development • consultation • writing • copy editing • graphic design • illustration • dance coaching • videography • video editing • set design and fabrication • animation • puppetry • soup