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What we do:

We bring characters to life by whatever means necessary.  We think, draw, write, cut, glue, 3D print, solder, code or stitch them into existence.  We use whatever tools and materials fit the job best to bring life and character to your project.

Who we are:

Dovid Taub - Puppeteer

Dovid Taub

Dovid loves creating, tinkering and writing about himself in the third person. He has been working professionally in the fields of puppetry and video production since 2003.  

Partnerships and Callaborations:

Shmideo's team morphs and shifts based on the needs of ongoing projects, but here are some of our most frequent accomplices...

Dov Ber Naiditch - Writer


Dov Ber Naiditch

DovBer is our favorite storyteller.  He's an expert at cracking a story and crafting characters.

Sruli Broocker - Animator, Producer

Animator • Producer

Sruli Broocker

Sruli is a skilled animator and filmmaker, but his most magical quality is his honeybee-like ability to connect people and make projects grow.

Leibel Cohen - Director


Leibel Cohen

Leibel has written and directed more than 15 independent films.  He's also a media pioneer and has been creating streaming video content since before the word "Streaming" was invented.

Tolin FX

SFX Studio

Tolin FX

Tolin FX is an award winning Special FX Makeup Studio, serving the art and entertainment industries for over 20 years.

Burger Lounge
Greater Pittsburgh Community Fod Bank

Featured Clients:

Jewish Federation of Pittsburgh


Webby Awards Honoree
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