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What's CrowdToons?

CrowdToons is a collaborative animation project that aims to create animated, mockumentary style videos from material created by artists in Adobe Character Animator.

We love how easy and spontaneous it is to jump straight to the fun part of animation with Character Animator, but sometimes it's hard to put an entire series together by yourself. So we created this project to provide a place to showcase your Character Animator chops without having to start from scratch.

Where can I watch it?

Who can submit material?

Anybody!  For now we're only accepting submissions created using characters designed in Character Animator's Puppet Maker feature.  That means you won't get to show off your illustration talents, but it helps us maintain a cohesive style across videos.  And each Puppet Maker style has a bazillion design options so you can build a unique character that's all yours.

We hope that this will be a way for beginners to jump in and start animating, as a well as a forum for experienced animators to have fun and hone their skills.

Awesome!  How do I participate?

Download the Instructions doc to get started.

Then fill out the form and upload your work here.

We can't wait to see what you come up with and create something wonderful together!

We're still working on the first episodes, so stay tuned (no, I will not make a "stay tooned" pun).

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