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Our New Card Can Eat You

Shmideo's Business card is also a puppet!
Why can't a business card be fun?

When designing a business card, I assume the most important thing to focus on is presenting a clear and memorable idea of what you do and how your business can be an asset to customers. The problem is, I like having fun too much. Every menial task is like a personal challenge to find a fun twist. Even with credit card receipt signatures (i like to imagine that there's some poor soul in the MasterCard fraud department who looks forward to my stick figure ducks).

Fortunately, in this case, "finding a way to add character to things" is a pretty good summary of what we do and how we can be an asset.

I've seen a lot of really creative business card ideas before, including some really neat finger puppet designs, but I've never seen a card that becomes a talking puppet like this.

Rar rar rar

If you'd like to have a couple of these to play with, let us know and we'll be happy to stick 'em in the mail for you, on us (until we run out or they all eat each other).

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